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Eating in Gran Canaria

Casa Vieja

One of the best aspects of being the most important island of the Canarian archipelago, is that Gran Canaria is the best when it comes to eating experiences. The island is abundant in restaurants that offer both international and local food, and their focus on seafood makes this type of dish the best on all Spain. The restaurants that one can find in Gran Canaria are also varied, and are sure to cater to almost any taste or budget, with luxury restaurants with a view to local eateries to choose from.


Eating times in Gran Canaria are also quite different from what most visitors are used to. Breakfast for example, is taken very early in the morning, even before regular businesses open their doors to customers. Lunch and dinner are completely different matters however, with lunch taking place quite late, between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM and dinner starting at 9:00 PM at the earliest, with many restaurants staying open well past midnight in some cases. However, many restaurants open from 6:00 PM onwards for dinner, since they understand many tourists are used to have dinner early.


Here are some of the most representative restaurants in Gran Canaria


La Cucina

Address: Corriente St. 8, Puerto de Mogan

Phone: +639 46 71 14

This takeaway-format restaurant offers great Italian food and is famous for the quality of its pizzas. It also specializes in salads and pastas, as well as in Italian desserts. The restaurant provides some outdoor tables for people who would prefer to eat right there as well.


Natural Burger

Address: Mesa y Lopez, 3, Alcaravaneras

Phone: +928 29 78 67

One of the most unique eating venues in Gran Canaria is the McDonalds located to the south of Santa Catalina, which has become extremely famous for its vegetarian burgers and other healthy offerings, like salads and natural fruit juices. Traditional dishes are also offered but are not as popular as its healthier options.



Address: Colón 4 S Street, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Phone: 928 31 11 71

For people who would prefer a “proper” vegetarian meal, the best place to head is Hipocrates,. This vegetarian-only restaurant serves the best and most varied vegetarian offerings, ranging from seitan kebabs to vegetarian lasagna and many other healthy options.


Casa Vieja

Address: El Lomo Street, 139, Carretera de Fataga San Fernando

Phone: +928 76 90 10

The Casa Vieja restaurant is one of the few true “countryside” restaurants available in Gran Canaria. As such, it offers mostly typical Spanish dishes and are also famous for their exquisitely seasoned grilled meat. The restaurant also offers customers great entertainment, with live, traditional music shows on weekends.



Address: Tirajana s/n Playa del Inglés Apartamentos Tenesor

Phone: +928 76 10 63 Since its arrival to the culinary scene in the year 2005, this restaurant has raised the bar when it comes to originality and food quality. The restaurant offers an exquisite retro decoration, as well as top-quality international food.